Beaches for paragliding in Ecuador

In this post we will list you all the beaches for paragliding in Ecuador.

One of the advantages of paragliding on the Ecuadorian Coast is that its thermal winds allow us to remain suspended in the air for longer, unlike doing it in the mountains. In addition, you can enjoy the incredible spectacle of the sea and its beaches.

In some beach towns in Ecuadir, tours are offered to practice this sport, either with specialized guides if you are a beginner or adventure tours if you are already an expert.

There are also paragliding schools with certified instructors in case you want to give it a try beyond the mere experience.

In general, the costs and flight time are almost the same on the Ecuadorian beaches:

Flight time: 15 minutes
Cost: $ 30 – $ 35

If you know any other beach were you can do paragliding in Ecuador, write us in the comments and we will add it.

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Beaches for paragliding in Ecuador

Ancon – Salinas

Ancon is 25 minutes from Salinas, or 20 minutes from Ballenita. Here you can do this sport and fly the Ancon cliffs near Salinas .

You can contact Ecuador Paragliding.

Paragliding in Ecuador Ancon Salinas

San Pedro

This is one of the most popular paragliding spots on the Ecuadorian Coast, and is 12 minutes from Ayangue or 25 minutes from Montañita.

Most tours that offer paragliding in Santa Elena, whether in Montañita, Ayangue or Olon, take place on San Pedro beach.

I recommend that you do this practice with Paragliding San Pedro .

Parapente en San Pedro, Ecuador

Playa Bruja

Another spot to go paragliding in Santa Elena is Playa Bruja. The practice is carried out on the Playa Bruja hill, which is 15 minutes from Montañita and 17 minutes from Ayangue.

Here you can contact Ecuador Paragliding .

Paragliding in Ecuador Playa Bruja Santa Elena

Puerto Lopez – Machalilla – Salango

Among the adventure activities you can do in Puerto Lopez, paragliding is one option. The spot for this adventure is located on the Puerto Lopez Hill that borders the Machalilla National Park.

If your are in Salango, Machalilla or Ayampe, another spot to do paragliding is in Playa Piqueros (next to Salango beach). If you are in Ayampe, it will take you 13 minutes to arrive.

During the flight you can appreciate the entire beaches, as well as part of the Parque Nacional Machalilla, Salango and Isla Salango.

You can do this activity with Ecuador Paragliding.

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Paragliding in Puerto lopez Salango


Located in the province of Manabi, the practice of this sport takes place in Loma de Crucita.

You can do it with Ecuador Paragliding or Hostal Voladores.

Paragliding in Playa Crucita


The famous Canoa beach in Manabi also offers this type of adventure activities, in which you fly over the town and you can see Bahía de Caráquez.

You can do it with Ecuador Paragliding.

Paragliding at Canoa Manabi beach

Las Palmas

In Esmeraldas, a point to do this sport is in Las Palmas beach.

You can contact with Paragliding Esmeraldas .

Paragliding in Las Palmas beach

Extra data:

Paragliding in Guayaquil

If you are in Guayaquil, you can also do this practice without having to travel to the beach.

The flight departs from the Chongón – Colonche “Cerro Blanco” mountain range towards the “Bototillo” paragliding runway. Here you can appreciate the main port, its mangroves, the gulf and the Guayas River.

Also contact Ecuador Paragliding for this adventure.

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