About us

Beach Life Ecuador was born from our love for the Ecuadorian beaches

We feel that the country has tourist potential, not only for the adventure activities that can be carried out along the Ecuadorian coasts, but also for the cultural tourism that comes with its tours and allows us to learn more about Ecuador’s history.

Historically, these lands were settlements of Ecuador’s most ancient cultures. And, even today, most of our beaches retain the rustic and natural character of Ecuadorian coastal living.

While many tourists seek more luxurious beach destinations, I believe it is important to understand our history and enjoy our coasts because the majority of them have not yet been impacted by human meddling, and many of these resorts are real surf destinations that might increase national tourism.


I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing, but I began my professional career as a photographer. So, little by little, I started to get into the world of video media.

I enjoy surfing, skateboarding, audiovisual production, and, of course, going to the beach.


I have a degree in Journalism, but I’ve devoted myself more to blogging and digital marketing. I like photography, camping, watching sunsets while listening to music and drinking beer.

I’m learning to surf and have taken a few steps into freediving.