La Ruta del Sol


La Ruta del Sol, also known in english as the Sun Route or The Route of the Sun, is part of the Spondylus Route and is most known for being the Ecuadorian Coast’s first tourist passage.

It is also referred to as the Manabi-Santa Elena Route since it connects the beaches of both coastal provinces.

This route is a wonderful choice for individuals who are new to this adventure along the Ecuador Coastal Region because it is shorter than the Spondylus Route.

How to travel along La Ruta del Sol?


The best way to travel this Sun Route is in your own car, as you can go on your own schedule and stop whenever you wish. If you do not own a vehicle, you can also rent one.

A bus is the other best way to get around. It is far less expensive than hiring a tour, the roads are good, and the greatest part is that you can interact with the locals on the bus.

If the buses do not go straight to your destination, they can drop you off near the beaches. And from there, you may take another bus or a taxi, which will not cost you much if the destination is close by.

Finally, there is the option of taking a tour. The advantage is that they prepare the entire itinerary for you, so you can visit various sites without worrying about how to get there or what to eat. The downside is that you have to go with their schedule and, of course, their locations.

Toma aérea Olón

Ruta del Sol Map

This route runs from Salinas (Santa Elena) to Pedernales (Manabi). As previously stated, it only applies to the Santa Elena and Manabi beaches.

Sun Route beaches

Here is a list of all of the beaches that belong to La Ruta del Sol, as well as a description of the most popular ones.

Santa ElenaManabi
AyangueLas Tunas
BallenitaPuerto Rico
Santa ElenaSalango Island
MontañitaPuerto Lopez
ManglaraltoLos Frailes beach
Libertador BolivarPuerto Cayo
PalmarSan Lorenzo
San PedroSanta Marianita
San PabloSan Mateo
ValdiviaPiedra Larga
Playa RosadaBarbasquillo
Punta BlancaManta
Punta CentinelaCrucita
Punta BarandúaSan Jacinto
Punta CarneroSan Clemente
AnconcitoBahía de Caráquez
AnconSan Vicente
La LibertadPedernales
Las Núñez
La Entrada


One of Guayaquil’s favorite beach towns is Salinas. It is one of the most urbanized beaches, with pubs, restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, and even an airport.

It is one of the few places on the coast of Ecuador where people from other countries come to retire. Not only can you enjoy the beaches, but you can also participate in various aquatic activities.


Montaita is well-known for being a surfer’s paradise, with fantastic waves all year. It’s also known for having a bohemian vibe and a busy nightlife.

When the sun goes down, the mood changes, and bars, discos, and restaurants fill up with people listening to music, dancing, and having fun.


Olon is known for having one of the largest beaches along the Ecuadorian coast. Its beach is also a place for surfers.

Even though it is less busy than Montañita, it has become more tourist-friendly in recent years, with more bars, shops, restaurants, and inns.


Near Montaita is the pretty fishing town of Manglaralto. Even though it is smaller and less well-known, it also has a beach where you can surf.

It is a great place for people who want to get away from the crowds and have a more real experience.


Ayampe beach is a great place to relax, lay out in the sun, do yoga, take long walks along the beach, and surf.

There is a bit of a bohemian vibe in Ayampe, like in Montaita, but it is much quieter. Even though it is becoming more popular with tourists, it has kept its originality and local charm.

You can find a variety of small, family-run hotels, as well as bars and cafes.

Puerto Lopez

One of the best things about Puerto Lopez is that it is close to Machalilla National Park, which is one of the most important places in Ecuador to protect wildlife.

People can go hiking on nature walks, watch birds, visit Los Frailes beach and explore the Isla de la Plata.

The beach is particularly popular between June and September, which is humpback whale viewing season.


Like Salinas, Manta is an important coastal city where plenty of foreigners live.

It is also one of the most important and developed tourist attractions in the country, recognized for its gorgeous beaches, fishing port, and expanding commercial activity.

There are many hotels, spas, restaurants, and shopping malls in the city, which makes it easy for tourists to find modern services and amenities.


Canoa is renowned with surfers due to its year-round waves of consistent, high quality.

It is also a popular place for people who want to get away from the crowds and relax in a quiet place with a good number of services and things to do.

Canoa is known for its large number of expats and travelers from all over the world, who make it a multicultural and diverse place to live.

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